Youth Repair

Intensive anti-age treatment with Keratin and Hyaluronic Acid

The regenerating agents of YOUTH REPAIR will be activated after mixing, creating a fluid and homogeneous cream that penetrates deeply “filling” the imperfections of the hair and protecting the shaft with a veil of keratin.

Bioetika recommends

Before you begin the treatment, wash your hair with Youth Repair shampoo, which deeply cleanses the hair and facilitates the action of the mask. After taht rinse with plenty of warm water and dab gently. Meanwhile take a bowl and with a flat brush mix STEP 1 with STEP 2 to obtain a smooth and homogeneous cream. Once you’ve done that, then apply evenly on hair with a brush, starting from roots up to tips, afterwards massage gently to allow a deeper absorption of the mask. Leave on for 2 minutes. In the end rinse with plenty warm water and proceed with drying and styling.

3 Bottle of 15 ml